“Ended up having a wedding in our backyard, we were short on space with seating and needed a couple trees removed, we also needs some pruning –trimming work done to make the backyard look a bit nicer. Mt. Vernon tree removal came out and finished everything up within a short amount of time, just glad they took my daughter’s wedding as seriously as I did”
Thomas, Mt. Vernon, NY
“With the kind of luck I have, I would never imagine getting tree work done would be such an easy experience, my husband had to fly overseas on a business trip and basically put me in charge of all service work that needed to get done. We had a huge tree fall , it was blocking half the driveway. Mt Vernon Tree Pruning & Removal Corp Came out right away, made it look and seem very, very easy. I would definitely hire these guys again, very easy to deal with…

Cathy,Pelham, NY.
I’ve had plenty of tree work done over the years, a lot of the work being removals. At first I was crazy enough to think that I could get a couple of my buddies together and remove the trees myself….needless to say, I was wrong! The trees were enormous, I called Mt.Vernon Tree Pruning and they took care of everything, one of the easiest services I’ve ever had done..
Luis, Yonkers, NY